The Forever Living Products (FLP) Business Opportunity has already helped more than half a million people worldwide achieve their dreams and also help secure the financial future of their families.

The way that people are rewarded in this business is by using the proven distribution and selling power of Network Marketing. This is a strategy that financially rewards distributors for the products sold by them personally and also by the people they have directly and indirectly introduced to the Forever Living Products (FLP) business.

Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing means the effort of everyone is multiplied – therefore results are multiplied, which in turn means the money generated is also multiplied. What this means for distributors is that large sums of money and profits are able to be generated much quicker than would be seen in most conventional jobs or business models.

The (FLP) Business Marketing Plan - A Roadmap Designed for Your Success:

In order to make extra money from the Forever Living Products (FLP) business, the Forever Living marketing plan is represented by a simple management hierarchy.

Each level of management gives a different level of income. Unlike many other Network Marketing companies – once you have reached a specific level of management with Forever Living Products you do not ever fall below that achievement level.

Remember – If your personal sales or that of your team fall below a certain level, this will obviously be reflected in your monthly income received by Forever Living.

The Potential of the Forever Living Products (FLP) Business:

Imagine if you worked for 10 hours per week on your FLP Business = 10 hours

You then introduced 3 people who also worked for 10 hours each on their own FLP Business   = 30 hours

The time you get paid for would be 40 hours per. week in total

You personally are only working for 10 hours per. week but through your networking efforts you will be generating 40 hours output revenue in your business.

Now imagine if  you worked for 20 hours in a week on your FLP Business = 20 hours

You then introduced 10 people who also worked for 20 hours each on their FLP Business = 200 hours

Your ‘team’ of networkers would have generated 200 hours + your 20 hours…

The time you get paid for would be 220 hours per. week in total

You are Only Limited by Your Own Beliefs:

Now imagine if you worked for 30 hours per week on your FLP Business and you get 10 other determined people to do the same in their own FLP Business…

Your 30 hours working on your FLP Business = 30 hours

Your ‘team’ of 10 people also working 30 hours on their own FLP Business = 300 hours

Therefore your ‘team’ of networkers would have generated 300 hours + your 30 hours…

The time you get paid for would be 330 hours per. week in total

I think that you would agree that it is very impressive. Take a moment to do a further calculation.

If your team’s efforts were to earn you an income of €10 or $10 per. hour – how much would that equate too?

Remember – anything is possible. You are only limited by your own beliefs.

You could be getting paid for 10, 30, 60, 80, 120, 180 or 200 hours per. day!

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